hi im anna and im 20 & i speak english & spongebob 。◕‿◕。
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Let it grow, let it grow. The mold never bothered me anyway

i think i would probably pay 500 dollars to never see or hear a frozen reference ever again

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Have you ever played an instrument/what instrument is your favorite?

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you should try microwaved walnuts

im gonna go with probably no

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what kind of Mac do you have? a pro or an air? And what size? and the one you have, does it run photoshop okay? just curious, since I'm thinking of buying a Mac sometime soon!!

Hi!! Don’t let the want of Photoshop stop you from buying a Mac, no way! The program works beautifully and smoothly on a Mac. I have an 11 inch MacBook Air, and then I have a 22 inch Mac desktop computer (it’s big and sits on a table!). I prefer the desktop to use Photoshop because it’s easier to see and also the air is just about busted because I spilled tea on it so half the keyboard doesn’t work and the screen has gaping black holes and cracks in it sigh.

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Ocean Eyes | ground & sky

Define Adam Young

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