anna. 21. about that owl city and that adam young life.
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Anonymous: LIL ANNA IS A QT

let’s not talk about my 2009 weird teased hair phase

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Anonymous: show me your teeth

cant tell if reference to a lady gaga song or if you actually want to see my official 2006 orthodontic records


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Anonymous: What is love?

so there’s this pack of birthday cake m&m’s in my kitchen…

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Anonymous: I'm gladam that Adam is not sadam or madam. That would be badam.

we don’t do that in this fanbase it isn’t allowed here take your rhyming elsewhere

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owl city lyrics really speak to me


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Anonymous: Hey Anna, so I've been afraid, I've been very afraid for months now and still no word on Floppy Fish, i really dont get it, does he want us to die of fear???

*Tina Belcher groan*

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Anonymous: I dare you to hit paste

"Thanks so much for your reply! I actually have a friend in the UK who you can send it to."

Omg that’s my paste because I’m buying an expensive pair of Jack Wills black leather loafers from ebay UK lol

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Anonymous: Hey Anna! How's your day so far? (hope everything is alright and I love this blog)

Omg good morning! Thank you, this blog loves you x and happy Monday. Can’t believe it’s Halloween next weekend and then November. 

My day has been wonderful so far thank you - I actually dissected a sheep’s brain in anatomy lab today. I even took a picture of it. It was so tiny - that creature’s whole life, its children, its daily routines, its meal times, its every memory was in that little piece of tissue on my tray! I feel like I need a shower lol.

That was a bit grim, but, the leaves are changing and it’s sunny and I got two new bracelets in the mail this morning (one is yellow with a daisy and the other is red with a shooting star charm on it. And I am going to go to classes, then go to Starbucks for an espresso, and then study the rest of the day. So it’s a nice laid back Monday after a very hectic weekend of some very bloody teeth pulling (I shadowed an oral surgeon for a few hours) and working double shifts at the ice cream shop. How’s your day? Have you dissected anything cool today? ;)

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Anonymous: измхизхиихмзи привет\

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