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Okayyy so this is my dorm room here at college. Everyone who walks in is just blown away from the second they walk in. After I mentioned it a few weeks ago there’s been some interest in wanting to see it so here goes nothing. I am a collector by nature so getting so into something I love is of no surprise to anyone who truly knows me. I take advantage of having my own room here because back at home my mom makes me shove all my Owl City stuff in my closet.

First row (left to right): Shooting Star (mock EP from Japan), Owl City secret show in Atlanta poster  (lmtd to 500 posters), Fireflies single promo CD, Sky Sailing & Owl City bracelets, Sky Sailing Thailand promo CD (it’s special because on the inside CD the airplanes reflect and are mirrored rather than just a plain design), the Owl City China Tour poster, a signed Alternative Press poster, the Alligator Sky miniature vinyl, the ATBAB China exclusive with cardboard siding, Fireflies poster, then on the end of the shelf the Fireflies and Umbrella Beach UK single promo CDs.

Second Row (left to right): Universal Republic A&R sampling (has the first Good Time radio hearing), then the Universal Alligator Sky from the Netherlands, then you’ve got three different Alligator Sky’s, either from the UK or USA and they all have different CDs and different versions of the song, then the official US Alligator Sky CD, then the Lights ‘Savior (Adam Young Remix) CD, the one and only original Hello Orlando, a signed Ocean Eyes and then the UK promo Ocean Eyes CD with a sampling of the songs.

Third Row (left to right): Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust promo CD, Vanilla Twilight promo CD from Israel, The Midsummer Station UK promo CD (just got it today!), All About Us promo CD, then the official US Good Time CD and the European Good Time, and lastly, just another copy of Ocean Eyes.

Currently I’m waiting for my Thailand Midsummer Station promotional CD in the mail as well as the French press release Live in Los Angeles DVD. Also in there I have an Owl City trading card from Belgium as well as an Owl City button that came with a bottle of milk promotion in the Netherlands or something. I have lots of t-shirts too, as well as hoodies which aren’t hung up because that’d be a pain or else I would. Phew! That’s about it. :)

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