it's another bad dream, poison in my blood stream. i'm dying but i can't scream - will you show me the way? it's another wolf bite, howling in the moonlight. i wanna get my life right - will you show me the way tonight?
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oh hello.

i'm anna, twenty one and i live in the midwest.
i like to edit things (i do take suggestions!).
i like that one city band with that owl guy.
currently working on: a lyrics page


feel free to explore around, and if you have any problems finding anything - don't hesitate to ask! i tag everything by song, so if you need to find a certain song, type in something like '/tagged/vanilla twilight' after my URL so you can find whatever i have tagged for that song!

many link.

hey anna?

got a question? ask it. ask anything. ask every question. ask all the questions. except for what the meaning of life is because im still trying to figure that one out. (note: if you ask me privately, i'll respond privately!)

show me the way.

If the darkness falls, and my angel calls, in my despair - will you be there? In the darkest night when I need your light, will you show me the way? If my time runs out and the sky falls down, despite my fear, will you appear? if the world goes blind and I lose my mind will you show me the way tonight?

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